All you need to learn.

Learning and helping others learn have become the most important skills in the 21st century.

However, before you want your people, teams, and organizations to learn anything, you have to give them the insights, tools, and competencies to be able to learn, embrace challenges, or overcome resistance to change.

Designing Talent does just that – it serves as a foundation of learning and growth – no matter in which area you want to improve.

At Designing Talent, we will give you all you need to learn.

“The Designing Talent programs always get outstanding feedback from participants: an amazing combination of academic excellence and real-life business application. I highly recommend the Designing Talent approach.”
Iskender Dirik
Managing Director, SAMSUNG NEXT

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About us

Designing Talent Inc. is a training and talent development company with offices in Boston and Munich. We offer a new and unique framework “Designing Talent” for leadership and talent development that puts learning, creative problem-solving, and, ultimately, performance at its core. Using the Design Thinking-based ACE process and our simple yet highly effective tools helps people address their challenges, learn to be creative in finding the right solutions, track their progress, and evaluate results.

Our signature framework is the result of years of research and testing by the AUTORIS Institute for Talent Development and other leading scholars. AUTORIS’ director, Prof. Matthias Ehrhardt, founded Designing Talent Inc. in 2018 to show individuals, teams, and organizations how they can hone the most important skill of the 21st century: learning and helping others learn.

We work with companies, associations, business families, NGO´s, schools, universities, business schools, and coaches across the globe.





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